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Scale up output safely: Use on demand ‘plug-and-go’ packaging solutions

People around the world have probably never felt so connected or united with one another as they do now. While millions of families adapt to working at home and finding new ways to entertain and comfort one another, millions more are working day and night to provide critical health and scientific services, as well as delivering vital food, and commercial and domestic supplies - each and every one of us are grateful beyond words.

Our new, albeit temporary, way of living and working, means that more and more people are using the internet to order supplies. This significant increase for ecommerce goods also means that manufacturing output has to increase, along with pressures to get supplies out of the door and to customers quickly.  

The increase in demand doesn't only put operational pressures on organisations, they also need to ensure that employees stay safe and healthy. Keeping people at safe distances from one another in the warehouse has meant a change in both behaviour and packing methods.  So how can businesses keep goods moving quickly, while keeping people apart and safe?


Portable, powerful packaging technology

We’ve all seen how technology has advanced manufacturing over the last two decades to enable the production of smaller, more powerful solutions for both domestic and commercial markets. 

Pregis has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to packaging technology. We design solutions small enough to carry around facilities, yet powerful enough for high volume on-demand packing. Our compact solutions are designed to produce packaging that gives outstanding protection using consumable materials which are sustainable and require little storage space.


Small yes, but very fast too!

It's a common misconception that small packaging systems might not be able to handle fast-moving online packing needs, however, this is not the case. At Pregis, our compact, high-speed packaging technology is designed for fast, on-demand packing environments; no fuss, easy to use 'plug-in' systems can be placed and used anywhere, along with consumable materials that are designed for easy access and storage at point of use.


Plug-and-go packing systems

Whether you use work benches, packing lines or conveyors for packing goods, Pregis' compact packing solutions are ideal; they are easy to use by single operators and will keep on running for hours on end. They can sit directly on top of the work bench, be clamped to the edge of the bench or be integrated into the conveyor line, making accessibility easy and eliminating wasted floor space. Just plug it in and off you go!

Here are a few of our popular, compact packaging solutions which are simple to use and can be placed in any location for use by a single operator:


MINI PAK'R® Industrial

The MINI PAK'R® compact on-demand air cushion system was specifically designed for areas where space is at a premium, such as compact pack stations, ship-from-store retailers and small business owners. This small but powerful system is only 36 x 33 x 27 cm and weighs just 6kg! And, just 1 roll of inflatable film produces thousands of metres of protective air cushions, saving you so much space.



If you’re looking for a wider variety of films, the PRO PAK'R® is a fast, on-demand air cushion packaging solution for all kinds of applications. This simple, desktop solution produces up to 21 metres of air-filled cushions per minute, automatically selecting the right seal temperature, airflow and seal pressure for a wide range of films. At just 55 x 55 x 35 cm, this is an ideal desktop packing solution that puts consumables at your fingertips.

Easypack® Quantum XTW

If you’re looking for a totally flexible void fill solution then the Easypack® Quantum XTW is ideal as it can be positioned adjacent or clamped to your work bench. It produces 100% recycled paper at an output speed of 1.8 metres per second. Its patented tear-off system and telescopic head is safe and easy to use and has the major benefit of pull-through or fan fold white or brown paper which can be easily stored at point of use, taking up minimal storage space. 


Integrated technology - maximum protection with minimum intervention

If you’re looking for protection for larger, heavier or more fragile goods, the PackmasterPro or PackmatePro are ideal. Each simple to operate system can be easily moved to any point of use and only requires a single operator. Each system produces high quantities of robust 100% recycled paper cushion packaging that gives total in-the-box protection for all types of goods.

The PackmasterPro can also be neatly and safely positioned underneath the all-purpose Packstation, a clever work bench that puts all packaging tools at the fingertips of a user. It delivers packaging directly through the top of the bench, with the paper rolls stored neatly underneath the machine for optimum use of space.

The compact design of these solutions also allows them to be integrated on to a packing line or conveyor at any angle; horizontal, tilted or upright. High quantities of paper cushions can also be delivered directly into a collection bin, allowing multiple users to access packaging from different sides for safe distance working.

Our priority during these challenging times is to ensure that our workers and our customers' workers remain safe and well. Our purpose however, is to ensure that our customers can scale up output with ease, while achieving maximum flexibility and effectiveness.