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Pregis invests $6 million in third W&H blown film line in Grand Rapids, MI

Pregis is announcing yet another $6 million investment in its Pregis Films facility located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This latest investment is for a third multilayer Windmoeller & Hoelscher (W&H) blown film line to address growing demands for output. It is in addition to the $23 million outlay for the first two, five-layer W&H lines, converting equipment and expanded production space, made between 2016 and 2018.

"We are seeing increased demand for higher quality flexible packaging, ecommerce protective material and surface protection films. Our continued investment in this facility will help us meet market segment expectations for package performance and provide vertical integration for some of Pregis' other products," said Tom Wetsch, chief innovation officer.

In addition to the three W&H lines, the 90,000 square foot Grand Rapids manufacturing facility also houses four state-of-the-art multilayer blown film extrusion lines and film lab.